Nova Scotia Wedding Photographer

Hugh Whitaker

I split my time between my little home on the Atlantic Ocean in Nova Scotia and anywhere else in the world where I can find waves to surf. I have an all-consuming passion for photography that, over the past 20 years, has taken me to some incredible places and introduced me to so many wonderful people. I am fascinated by people watching. There are so many meaningful gestures, looks and smiles that makes us who we are. I believe that life is better when it is shared with people you love. I appreciate how lucky I am to live the life I do as a wedding photographer on the South Shore of Nova Scotia.

Hi, I'm Hugh!

The moment of quiet when you're driving down the highway in heavy rain and pass under a bridge.

The sound of someone practicing an instrument in a distant room.

Dusk in a South American city. It feels like the whole world is waiting in anticipation for something special.

The look on a person's face when they watch someone they love, without them being aware.

Ocean waves at dawn.

a few of my favourite things


"Hugh was absolutely wonderful to work with. Everyone from my mom to our guests fell in love with him & his cheerfulness. He made both me & my husband feel at ease in front of the camera during our engagement shoot, so when time came for the wedding we were not camera-shy. All the pictures look natural, as he captures the moment instead of posed shots. Having Hugh as our photographer was the best decision we made - thank you so much!"

Nice things people say about me

Why I photograph Weddings

A couple of years ago, I photographed this wedding. The ceremony was about to start and Nathan, the groom, was greeting guests. I was hovering nearby, waiting for some candid moments. When I’m photographing a wedding, I always pay close attention to body language as it’s an early indicator of an important moment to come. Nathan looked across the parking lot and his face changed into the most beautiful expression. I knew something important was about to happen. When I looked across and saw an elderly woman walking towards him, I moved so that I had a clean composition in the spot where I guessed they would meet. I subsequently took this photo.

I instantly knew that it was a special moment but it wasn’t until almost a year later when I received the following email from Nathan’s mother, that I found out how special:

Hi Hugh!

I just saw the picture you re-posted on fbook of Nathan with his Oma. Just wanted to fill you in a little more on the significance of this picture—I’m not sure if you know the story.

Oma & Opa were married for almost 60 years. Nathan was the first grandson to be married, so this wedding was so important to Opa. Opa was never sick – until 2 months before the wedding. The day of the wedding, he was moved into a hospice, and life supports were taken off. The entire day was full of so much joy, yet sorrow. Oma was not planning on coming to the wedding, until a nurse told her she should go to be there “for Opa”.

What you caught on film was the moment of Nathan thanking his Oma for being there for Opa, for choosing to celebrate life, knowing that that is what Opa would have wanted.

We can’t thank you enough for the incredible gift that you have given to us in capturing this moment. You are amazing!